Dig Vampires? The Acclaimed SILVER Adds Second Book to Kickstarter

Stephan Franck brings you Rosalynd — and it’s not even a stretch goal…

A couple weeks ago, Stephan Franck put together a list of 13 Great Vampire Comics. It was a terrific list and you can check it out here.

See, Franck, whose work has attracted the attention of creators like Jim Lee, Tim Sale and Bill Sienkiewicz, is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for Vol. 3 of his acclaimed Silver — about a ragtag group of vampire hunters led by Rosalynd Van Helsing, descendant of Dracula’s arch-nemesis.

Well, Rosalynd’s such a compelling character that with about a week left in the campaign, Franck has added a 244-page hardcover to the campaign called Rosalynd, which explores our hero and her lineage. And it’s not even a stretch goal — so backers are getting twice the bang for their buck.

We don’t back Kickstarters here unless we dig ’em, so make sure you check this one out here. And for more info about Silver, check out Franck’s Dark Planet Comics.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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