Dig This Rare 1968 REGGIE Christmas Tale Drawn by DAN DeCARLO

And it’s the late artist’s birthday!

Christmas is less than two weeks away and as we head toward the big day, we’ve been running EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS of Archie’s yuletide digests and comics — featuring both new and classic material.

Well, we’re down to the last one for the season: World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #115 — out Dec. 15. We’ve got for you a SNEAK PEEK at a new story, as well as a complete Frank Doyle/Dan DeCarlo tale from 1966’s Archie Giant Series Magazine #144.

Oh, and it just happens to be the late DeCarlo’s birthday, so check out Archie Comics co-president Mike Pellerito’s guest column, 13 GREAT DAN DeCARLO COVERS. Click here.

Dig it.


— 13 Great DAN DeCARLO ARCHIE Covers, by MIKE PELLERITO. Click here.

— Dig This Groovy BETTY AND VERONICA Christmas Tale Drawn by DAN DeCARLO. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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