Dig This JERRY ORDWAY Captain Marvel Cover for an Upcoming ALTER EGO

PLUS: A look at what else is coming up in Roy Thomas’ famed history mag from TwoMorrows…

TwoMorrows is gearing up for 2023 with a raft of new issues of Roy Thomas’ Alter Ego. There are salutes to Neal Adams and Irv Novick (see links below), as well as a tribute to the late Tom Palmer and the latest Fawcett Collectors of America special, that last one fronted by a groovy Jerry Ordway cover.

Not just that, the publisher is re-releasing three sold-out issues of the mag in a single trade paperback. The subject? Why Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Dig these official descriptions and links:

For ALTER EGO #181, a salute to Neal Adams, click here.

An FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America) special, behind a breathtaking JERRY ORDWAY cover! Features on Uncle Marvel and the Fawcett Family by P.C. HAMERLINCK, ACG artist KENNETH
LANDAU (Commander Battle and The Atomic Sub), and writer LEE GOLDSMITH (Golden Age Green Lantern, Flash, and others). Plus Mr. Monster’s Comic Crypt by MICHAEL T. GILBERT, and more!
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships June 2023

For ALTER EGO #183, a salute to Irv Novick, click here.

Known as one of the finest inkers in comics history, the late TOM PALMER was also an accomplished penciler and painter, as you’ll see in an-depth interview with Palmer by ALEX GRAND and JIM THOMPSON. Learn his approach to, and thoughts on, working with NEAL ADAMS, GENE COLAN, JOHN BUSCEMA, and others who helped define the Marvel Universe. Plus Mr. Monster’s
Comic Crypt, FCA, and more!
(84-page FULL-COLOR magazine) $10.95
(Digital Edition) $4.99 • Ships Oct. 2023

By overwhelming demand, ROY THOMAS has compiled all the material on the founders of the Marvel Bullpen from three SOLD-OUT ALTER EGO ISSUES—plus OVER 30 NEW PAGES OF CONTENT! There’s the STEVE DITKO ISSUE (#160 with a rare ’60s Ditko interview by RICHARD HOWELL, biographical notes by NICK CAPUTO, and Ditko tributes)! The STAN LEE ISSUE (#161 with ROY THOMAS on his 50+ year relationship with Stan, art by KIRBY, DITKO, MANEELY, EVERETT, SEVERIN, ROMITA, plus tributes from pros and fans)! And the JACK KIRBY ISSUE (#170 with WILL MURRAY on Kirby’s contributions to Iron Man’s creation, Jack’s Captain Marvel/Mr. Scarlet Fawcett work, Kirby in 1960s fanzines, plus STAN LEE and ROY THOMAS on Jack)! Whether you missed these issues, or can’t live without the extensive NEW MATERIAL on DITKO, LEE, and KIRBY, it’s sure to be an AMAZING, ASTONISHING, FANTASTIC tribute to the main men who made Marvel!
(256-page COLOR SOFTCOVER) $35.95 • (Digital Edition) $15.99 • ISBN: 978-1-60549-116-5

A few thoughts:

— The mags will be available at comics shops and booksellers but you can already pre-order through TwoMorrows. Click here.

— Man, do I love that Palmer cover.

— Check out the links below for more 2023 goodies from TwoMorrows!


— DESTROYER DUCK: KIRBY and GERBER’s Classic Series to Get Special ‘GRAPHITE EDITION’. Click here.

— SUPERBOY, SPIDEY and DAREDEVIL Lead Parade of Upcoming BACK ISSUE Mags. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Jerry Ordway and Captain Marvel go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Pepperoni and pizza. Glasses and Clark Kent. 😉

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  2. I need to bite the bullet and just put in for a subscription. It’s overdue. Now I just need the time to read these great issues.

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  3. What is TwoMorrows?

    “The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart” – Metropolis

    A + B > C

    The love child of ’80s Fantagraphics (Amazing Heroes and Comics Journal) and David Anthony Kraft’s Comics Interview.


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    • TwoMorrows makes me realize how great an era I lived in. Anything that brings life back to the stories I loved is a good thing.

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