Dig This Groovy New ALEX ROSS Homage to BATMAN’s VILLAINS OF THE ’70s


Here’s something that’s making the rounds: Artist Alex Ross has released an image of an upcoming print that pays tribute to Batman and his villains in the 1970s.

Dig this:

“Just revealed!” Ross’ team posted on Facebook. “This new Batman ’70s Villains Tribute will be available as a signed print, coming April 2023! We’re giving away one free signed copy right now—enter to win here.” 

What I love about this print are the deep cuts. Typically, you see the same villains over and over — and the usual suspects like the Joker, Catwoman and (gloriously) Ra’s al Ghul are all here, though I don’t see the Riddler, Penguin or Mr. Freeze.

But here are 13 obscure villains (some more so than others) I noticed just with a quick glance: Captain Stingaree, Firebug, Skull Dugger, “Devil” Dayre, the Spook, Sterling Silversmith, Gustav DeCobra, Thanatos, the masked thieves from Man-Bat’s debut, Black Spider, Anthony “Moon of the Wolf” Lupus, the Ten-Eyed Man and the Calculator.

Plus plenty of others. Who do you see? Name them in the comments!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. This new painting by Alex Ross is so ’70s, that it’s hard not to be excited by it! 😀

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  2. I see Dr. Phosphorus and Hugo Strange on the right side.

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  3. Professor Hugo Strange, Dr. Phosphorus, Deadshot, Talia al Ghul and Clayface III (Preston Payne)! Love these old school villains!

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  4. I also notice Talia , Deadshot, and Clayface (Preston Payne) in the foreground.

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  5. Gustav DeCobra!!! Oh man, I love that story, and how Mike Grell based him on Christopher Lee, even if Julie Schwartz made him tone it down.

    This is flat glorious, and a treat to see Ross paint Batman outisde of his usual style, too.

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  6. The Wringer. The Deathmask warrior from “Deathmask” (Archie Goodwin/Jim Aparo). The mysterious hooded leader of “The Crime Exchange” (David V. Reed/Ernie Chan). The Judge from “Judgment Day” (Goodwin/Howard Chaykin).

    The spoiler-protected bad guy from “Death Gamble of a Darknight Detective (Gerry Conway/John Calnan).

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  7. “the usual suspects like the Joker, Catwoman and (gloriously) Ra’s al Ghul are all here, though I don’t see the Riddler, Penguin or Mr. Freeze.”

    The latter three were around in the 70s for a story or two but definitely back-benchers compared to Joker, Ra’s and even Catwoman (thanks to Len Wein’s late 70s run)

    I suspect Penguin, Riddler and (especially) Freeze were seen as relics of the sixties camp to some extent.

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    • Boy, I’d love to see a similar Superman companion piece!

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  8. Is that Maxie Zeus just to Deadshot’s left? And there seem to be some *really deep cuts* here. Just below Man-Bat’s right foot: The mannequin from Detective 427? The X-marked woman from the cover of Batman 299? Wow! Some of these I have no clue: the man with the axe??? the guy with the red bandana covering his lower face???

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  9. This fine art print includes the following villains: Ra’s al Ghul, Devil Dayre, “Moon of the Wolf” -Werewolf, The Dodo Man, Deadshot, Maxie Zeus, The Judge, Death’s-Head, Heart of a Vampire, The Crime Exchange President, Skull Dugger, Deathmask, Dr. Phosphorus, Captain Stingaree, Dr. Hugo Strange, Clayface III, Catwoman, The Blackout Gang, Joker, The Calculator, Firebug, The Gold Coin Killer, Moloch, The Wringer, The Killer Doll, The Mamaloi Priestess, The Spook, Sterling Silversmith, Talia, The Ten-Eyed Man, Man-Bat, and Black Spider.

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