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13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100: By artist Elena Casagrande…

Welcome to 13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100, our celebration of Jack Kirby’s centennial. For the complete 13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100 Index of stories and features, including essays by the likes of Alex Ross, John Byrne, Marie Severin, Mike Allred and many others, click here.

13th Dimension contributor Scott Tipton is the co-owner of Blastoff Comics in North Hollywood, Calif. He’s also a comics writer and one of his favorite collaborators is Italian artist Elena Casagrande, who’s created a wondrous tribute to the King:

Here’s Scott:

One of my favorite things about co-owning Blastoff Comics for the past five-and-a-half years has been all the work I’ve done with our artist-in-residence Elena Casagrande. Every month, we have a different theme for the store’s website and all its written content, and every month Elena and I put our heads together and create a new banner for the site and social media. Sometimes I have a very specific idea that we develop together, and sometimes I just give her a list of characters and say, “Surprise me.”

For this month, I wanted a tribute to the King of Comics, Jack Kirby, and Elena did not disappoint, with a rendition of Darkseid and the New Gods that is so Kirby-flavored, sometimes when I look at it I have to remind myself it’s not Kirby.

To take a look at all the amazing work Elena has done for us, head over to our Facebook page.

For the complete 13 DAYS OF KIRBY 100 Index of stories and features, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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