Dig This Glorious Gallery of Groovy 1960s Superhero Booty — BATMAN and Beyond

An especially colorful ZOWIE WEDNESDAYS!

Welcome to ZOWIE WEDNESDAYS — in which we’re serializing across 13 weeks Mark Voger’s forthcoming book Zowie! from publisher TwoMorrowsClick here for a ton more on this feature — and info on the book itself, a brightly colored history of “the TV Superhero Craze in ’60s Pop Culture.” You can also find there links to previous installments. Right on! — Dan

It was never enough just to watch your favorite shows and talk about them with your friends. You had to have a piece of it too. Or two pieces. Or countless pieces!

In the mid-1960s, merchandisers were all too willing to meet an unprecedented demand for superhero swag. Since Zowie! covers all aspects of the ’60s TV hero mania, there’s tons on the toys, models, costumes and other fab loot of the period.

Here’s just a sliver — a four-page, brightly colored gallery of ginchy.

Far out!

Zowie! by Mark Voger, is a 192-page, full-color hardcover that lists for $43.95. It is scheduled to be released July 31 and will be available through booksellers and comics shops. You can also pre-order it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.

Also check out MarkVoger.com!


— The Complete ZOWIE WEDNESDAYS! Index. Click here.

— BATWOMAN IN A BIKINI: When 1960s BATMANIA Got Revved Up and Racy. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I had the Dick Tracy lunchbox–I still remember the images

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  2. I had the Charter Member Batman & Robin Society button, and the Batman pin in the lower left!

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