Dig This Fabulous HOT TOYS 1966 RAINBOW BATMAN

A one-of-a-kind treasure that could be yours…

The other day, we posted a column on Heritage Auctions’ incredible classic Batman toy auction, showing off 13 fantastic items up for bid.

But there is just so much more to look at — and consider purchasing, should you have the means — that I’ve decided that between now and the auction’s end in early August, we’ll highlight various other pieces that also merit the spotlight.

Like this Hot Toys 1966 Rainbow Batman:

Dig Heritage’s official description:

The Rainbow Batman” Japanese Star Prototype Variant (Hot Toys, 2016). “The Rainbow Batman” was personally designed by IVAN as part of the “Collartible Expo,” presenting this one-of-a-kind prototype figure. Aside from his signature yellow belt, Batman is completely recolored with a rainbow-striped bodysuit, multicolored cape and cowl, and shiny red boots and gloves. He was presented publicly as part of the two week Batman 100% Hot Toys Exhibition in September of 2016. This date coincided with the release of the first Suicide Squad movie in Tokyo. Whether you follow the career of IVAN or simply appreciate the rainbow-clad Caped Crusader, you can take Pride in adding him to your collection. “The Rainbow Batman” was designed by actress/model IVAN.

Click here if you want to bid — or check out anything else up for sale in what is dubbed “The Ultimate Batman Collection Signature Auction.”

Oh, and here’s a look at the classic “The Rainbow Batman,” from 1957’s Detective Comics #241:

All this really makes you wish William Dozier and company had adapted this one for the Adam West Batman show, doesn’t it?


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That’s great. If they’d gotten the shorts right, I’d pay anything for this, but I’m picky that way. Still, it’s cool!

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    • Seriously, how can you do that great of a job on the bulk of the costume and just take a shortcut like that? Batman took it in the shorts!

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