Dig This Fab Salute to BATMAN’S Groovy GIANT PENNY

13 PENNIES for your thoughts! It’s National Lucky Penny Day!

Hey, it’s National Lucky Penny Day! Really, it is!

And what’s the most famous penny in comics? Why, it’s the giant penny in the Batcave, silly!

A lotta folks seem to think the penny has something to do with Tw0-Face, but historically it didn’t (regardless of what retcons tell you). Nope, the penny came from “The Penny Plunderers,” a Bill Finger/Bob Kane/Ray Burnley joint from 1947’s World’s Finest Comics #30.

In it, a two-bit criminal named Joe Coyne is done in by his irrational fixation on pennies, a story that actually would have been a hoot on Batman ’66 had they ever decided to add the beloved Batcave trophy to the show.

Anyway, there are 13 REASONS TO LOVE BATMAN’S GIANT PENNY, but really it all comes down to one: It’s fabulous! So dig these occasions when the coin made notable appearances.

Right on!

World’s Finest #30 (1947). Bill Finger story. Bob Kane and Ray Burnley art.

Detective Comics #474 (1977). Steve Englehart story, Marshall Rogers and Terry Austin art.

Batman #348 (1982). Gerry Conway story. Gene Colan and Klaus Janson art.

Batman #48 (1948). Bill Finger story. Jim Mooney and Charles Paris art.

Batman #341 (1981). Gerry Conway story, Irv Novick and Frank McLaughlin art.

From the cover of Batman #256 (1974), which reprinted “The Penny Plunderers.” Nick Cardy art.

Detective Comics #186 (1952). John Broome, possible writer. Art by Lew Sayre Schwartz and Charles Paris.

Mego Wayne Foundation playset (1977). Believed to be Neal Adams art.

Detective Comics #538 (1984). Gene Colan and Dick Giordano art.

Batman: Gotham Knights #18 (2001). Brian Bolland art.

Batman #203 (1968). Frank Springer art.

“Secrets of the Batcave,” original art by Dick Sprang (1995).

Norm Breyfogle art. Help me out with this one folks: Where did this come from?


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I collect pennies sometimes, so I definitely appreciate this amazing article on Batman’s gigantic penny.

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  2. Great selection…worth every penny! The Breyfogle art is the Batcave entry from the Loose-Leaf era of Who’s Who.

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  3. Love the Giant wheat Penny with the 1947 date. I was able to find a couple of giant Pennies for different scale displays like the 1/50 Batcave. It seems like it varies from 12’ to 18’ depending on the need.

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  4. In my mind, the trophy area was opposite the Atomic pile in the 66 TV series. Basically where the cameras are set up. Who’s with me?

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