LET JUSTICE BE DONE! San Diego Comic-Con is open — and here’s what we can tell you, CA fans…

The new 1/6-scale Captain Action figure made its first public appearance Wednesday at San Diego Comic-Con’s Preview Night and we have an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at three of the figures being planned: Captain Action, Dr. Evil — and a new hero, Major Action!

Dig these images, provided by Captain Action Enterprises:

Captain Action

Major Action

Dr. Evil

The high-end, 12-inch figures are being produced by LBO — aka Let’s Be Onyx, a consortium of action-figure creators — and will be the subject of a Comic-Con panel Friday.

“We realize it’s been a while for new 1/6-scale product, but it’s been a difficult nut to crack,” said Captain Action Enterprises‘ Joe Ahearn. “We have been working hard all this while trying to come up with the best scenario to relaunch and now have finally found that with LBO, who we feel has a great understanding of what CA needs to be going forward. LBO’s ideas offer a great combination of classic and new, taking Captain Action into a bold and brave, strong and true new direction! Justice will be done!”

Ed Catto, also of Captain Action Enterprises, added: “Our plan is to add something new, while keeping the spirit of the original. For all our great fans who want toys exactly like the old days… well, that’s what eBay is for. For fans who love the idea behind the original concept, but are eager to see something new and expand the brand… well, those fans will be happiest with our new news and reveals.”

Pricing has yet to be announced — not to mention potential licenses that would work in tandem with the new figures. No release date has been set but fall 2024 appears likely. The SDCC panel, “Captain Action: Introducing New Voices to a Legendary Property,” will be held Friday, 7:00 p.m. in Room 23ABC at the convention center. Captain Action is also represented at Booth #3921.

“Captain Action has a rich history of groundbreaking licensing,” Catto said. “Forging partnerships with multiple licenses was unheard of in 1966. Today, brands like Funko have built upon this concept and dialed it up to the max. While we are not ready — at this exact moment — to announce our new licenses, we know how important and integral this aspect is, and are excited to make announcements soon.”

I haven’t a clue about what licenses may be in the offing, but I will say this: I dig the older-looking version of Cap — and he looks a lot like Anson Mount, so here’s a suggestion for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Christopher Pike. And Major Action, presumably Captain Action’s senior officer, looks mighty good in green. As in Green Lantern, if you catch my drift.

But I hasten to add that these are not license teases — just wishes. More plans will be revealed as time goes on.

“As a deep lifelong collector of action figures, Captain Action has always been a legendary Holy Grail piece,” said Kwamé, rapper, producer, influencer and founding member of LBO. “It’s the original superhero action figure! The first time we got our favorite heroes at one time. So being a part of its reimagining is an incredibly exhilarating full circle moment and I’m proud to be a part of the LBO team bring it all to life.”

CAE’s Mike Polis at the booth

Steve Forde, of GoHero and founding member of LBO, said: “GoHero has 20-plus years of faithfully making classic first-ever figures in 1/6 scale… including a well-received Lady Action figure. But we have a moment to do something creative and bold. No one goes boldly to where they have already been. Captain Action, as well as Dr Evil, have the ingredients for something yet to be experienced. The kind of vision needed requires a team like LBO where boldness is intrinsic to the mindset.”


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I love Captain Action.
    My Holy Grail is purple-suit Cap I got on EBay decades back..
    Long Live The Captain!

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  2. These look amazing! Long live Captain Action!

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  3. I received the good Captain and the Superman costume for Christmas in 1967. I have loved him ever since and have supported all of the more recent versions of the line.

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  4. Major Action looks a bit like Keith David.

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  5. I am an original CA fan since childhood in the 60’s, have a large collection of original items and the past 2 revivals, but this recent revival & modernizing attempt leaves me underwhelmed. I’ll wait to see more, but so far I’m not feeling it. As for costume-change licenses, CA Enterprises’ last revivals couldn’t expand with “Marvel” and was never able to secure DC or even other attempted licenses (Hanna-Barbera, Speed Racer, Mars Attacks, etc.). So unless this new attempt can secure licenses that are popular enough to get sales, I sense history may repeat itself and this latest attempt may also fizzle out. Personally, I always hoped that CAE would make CA into a 6″ line with interchangeable body parts, accessories, etc… (By comparison, Hasbro resisted and took forever to make GI Joe as a 6″ line and now they have a massive hit with their Classified line.) I think the 6″ route would’ve been a more affordable alternative with better toy-aisle sales than a high-end expensive niche adult-collector line. Nevertheless, I hope the line does succeed and I’ll wait to see if more details change my mind.

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  6. Wow, that Captain Action no longer looks like Dean Martin. Now he looks like Mitchell Ryan. Happy to see this out again.

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