Dig This Beachy 1964 BETTY & VERONICA Story Drawn by DAN DeCARLO

An EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK at Betty & Veronica: Beach Bash!

Summer’s almost here! Summer’s almost here! Can’t you just feel the excitement?

Archie Comics can — and they’ve got a new collection coming June 22 (a day after summer begins) that’s all about the sun and surf: Betty & Veronica: Beach Bash!

It’s 120 pages of classic, beachy Archie Comics stories and to fire you up like a grill we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: a complete story from 1964’s Betty & Veronica #107, plus the book’s table of contents.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. What precious and pulchritude panels these are.

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  2. Did the original 1964 story actually have POC characters or is ACP rewriting history…again.,..

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