Dig These Nifty HERO AT LARGE T-Shirts

You too can be Captain Avenger…

Well, this is fun.

The other day, we published Rob Kelly’s REEL RETRO CINEMA column on Hero at Large, the 1980 romantic comedy-drama starring the late John Ritter. (Click here.)

Readers dug it, so I figured I’d point out these nifty Hero at Large T-shirts by another 13th Dimension contributor, Anthony Durso, the owner of the always awesome Retropolis Tees:

Neat, right?

Now, if you’re interested in ordering, click here. And, no I don’t get a cut or anything like that. I just think these are swell.

In fact, I have a birthday coming up, so…


— REEL RETRO CINEMA: The Sweet Diversion of HERO AT LARGE. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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