Dig These 13 Groovy Bronze Age DC TREASURY House Ads

Pretty, pretty ads…

I’m a house ad junkie and some of the best ever were DC’s full-pagers touting their treasury editions in the ’70s — Limited Collectors’ Edition, All-New Collectors’ Edition and Famous 1st Edition. It doesn’t even matter if I’m not that interested in a particular issue — the advertisements themselves add a lot of pep when you’re perusing vintage comics, as I often do.

So dig this selection of 13 faves. Not a comprehensive list, of course. But that just means I’ll be able to do this again soon!

Far out.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m a big fan of the Limited Collectors’ Editions and Famous 1st Editions. They were being released when I first started reading comics so they’re sentimentally special to me. Thanks for sharing the house ads.

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  2. I bought them all when they first came out! (Except the Bible and Tarzan). Man, the only thing better were the 100 Page Spectaculars

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  3. Wonderful! I got several of these when they first came out (esp. the Golden Age ones.) Anybody notice the first Secret Origins of Super Villains shows up in a first season episode of “Welcome Back Kotter?”

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