Dig These 13 Celebs Grooving With the 1966 BATMOBILE

BATMAN WEEK: Is there anyone who doesn’t want to chill with the Caped Crusader’s ride?

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One of the TOP 13 Coolest Moments of My Bat-Life (hmm, is there a column in that?) was getting picked up at my house by the 1966 Batmobile and being driven to a comics show on a gorgeous Saturday morning. The neighbors loved it. Cyclists loved it. Joggers loved it. Dogwalkers loved it.  And other drivers loved it!

Because who doesn’t love the 1966 Batmobile? Nobody, that’s who!

Now, the one I rode was neither one from the show or one that was officially licensed. That didn’t make it any less cool, but the only company that makes officially licensed Batmobile replicas is Mark Racop’s Fiberglass Freaks of Logansport, Indiana.

Mark’s company makes the George Barris-designed Batmobile to order for those who, like Bruce Wayne, can afford such things. Not just that, his company’s Batmobiles make appearances at comics shows and events all over.

(Mark is also the man behind the soon-to-open Batman Museum in Logansport.)

The museum under construction!

Anyway, just like you and me, celebrities love the Batmobile too — and dig getting their pix taken with it. So here are 13 provided by Mark, with stars from TV and film:

The late Adam West, of course

The late George Barris himself

Joel Hodgson, from Mystery Science Theater 3000

Michael Rosenbaum, Lex Luthor in TV’s Smallville

Caity Lotz, from Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Sylvester McCoy, the Seventh Doctor, from Doctor Who

Jim Cummings, legendary voice actor, including Winnie the Pooh

Vincent Ward, from The Walking Dead

Rupert Boneham, from Survivor

Maisie Williams, from Game of Thrones

John DiMaggio, voice actor and the voice of Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Out-RAGEOUS!

Evan Peters, Quicksilver from the X-Men movies

Julie Newmar, of course


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. A while back you did an article of fans with their BATMAN themed costumes (Was a Halloween article, I think.), you should gather up pixs from fans of this site who have also sat in the iconic car. Might be fun to see everyone’s experience.

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