Dig NEAL ADAMS’ BATMAN #227-Inspired Variant Cover for THE JOKER #2

EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK: Another classic cover turned inside out…

The Joker has his first ongoing series since the ’70s launching next week and, as we noted in February, Neal Adams has created a retailer-exclusive variant that lampoons his famous cover of Batman #251:

Groovy, right? Right.

Well, Adams is at it again with The Joker #2 and a variant that riffs on another Bronze Age classic — Batman #227.

Check this out:

Not only that, there will be three more of these types of homage variants — for Issues #3-5 — that Adams will be doing for Ryan Hetkowski’s State of Comics in Plymouth, Michigan.

There will be raw editions, signed editions, CGC editions, you name it. Click here for what State of Comics has planned. The book will also be available at Adams’ online store, which you should check out here.

A few thoughts:

— This isn’t first time Adams has riffed on this cover. He did a version for Detective Comics in 2016, during DC’s Neal Adams Month series of variants.

— The basic variant costs $14.99 and you can pre-order it at State of Comics. (And, again, keep checking at Adams’ own store.) It’s scheduled for an April 13 release.

— OK, if there are three more to come, here are my choices: Batman #232, Batman #234 and Batman #244.

— Wanna see Adams’ pencils? Of course you do. His first version changed the perspective somewhat but then he went to the classic look:

— And how cool is it to see the classic 1970s Joker logo? And the time-appropriate trade dress? Love it, love it, love it.


— Dig NEAL ADAMS’ BATMAN #251-Inspired Variant Cover for THE JOKER #1. Click here.

— EXCLUSIVE: Neal Adams Talks BATMAN #227/DETECTIVE #49. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I agree the 70s trade dress is great! I wish DC had worked with Adams for their own variants on the new Joker book. I’m surprised that DC didn’t give the Joker book a bigger marketing push.

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