DC to Re-Release DETECTIVE COMICS #27 Facsimile Edition For BATMAN DAY 2024

Coming in September!

It’s Batman’s 85th anniversary year, so DC is republishing the Detective Comics #27 Facsimile Edition for September 18’s Batman Day 2024.

The comic, a full-on reprint of the 1939 landmark, is listed for pre-order at Lunar Distribution:

A few thoughts:

— The ish features not only the lead story by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, but all the ads and back-up features.

— DC published the Detective Comics #27 Facsimile Edition in 2022, at $6.99, with retailer variants, including foil and sketch editions. This time around, DC is publishing foil and sketch editions itself. The main cover will be $7.99, the sketch $8.99, the foil $9.99.

— In 2022, the book was $6.99 with the UPC on the front (as seen above). DC has since moved the UPCs to the back for Facsimile Editions. Not sure what will happen here but I’m rooting for the back, obviously.

— DC will have other special Batman comics available that day. Click here for more info.

Obligatory Price Comparison: A slabbed, 6.0-graded original Detective Comics #27 sold for a record-tying $1.74 million in 2023. (Good luck finding an unslabbed original.) The 2022 Facsimile Edition is going for as high as about $25 on eBay.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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