DC Shutters VERTIGO Imprint

A major shift by the publisher…

DC on Friday announced that it was shutting down its critically acclaimed, groundbreaking Vertigo imprint as part of an effort to refocus its publishing lines.

Also gone are DC Ink and DC Zoom, two young-readers imprints that have barely gotten off the ground.

Further, the publisher is axing its age ratings and reconfiguring its comics into three branches — DC Kids, geared to children 8-12; DC, for readers 13 and older; and DC Black Label, for those 17 and above. (DC Black Label launched last year but it’s unclear how this new labeling will affect it.)

Click here for The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on the shake-up.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I sure hope this new strategy of DC’s will pay off somehow. I read The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on said strategy.

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