The beloved ’90s title based on Batman: The Animated Series is getting the big book treatment…

Hey, some groovy news, Batfans: DC this fall will release The Batman Adventures Omnibus, collecting the first comic-book series based on Batman: The Animated Series.

Dig this official description from an Amazon listing:


By Kelley Puckett, Mike Parobeck and Ty Templeton

From the padded cells of Arkham Asylum to the mean streets of Crime Alley, one truth is whispered wherever evil gathers: Gotham City belongs to the Batman.

Until now!

The crime lord formerly known as the Penguin is now Mayor Oswald Cobblepot — elected to be Gotham’s leader by promising to outlaw vigilantes and villains alike. The immortal mastermind Ra’s al Ghul has ordered an invasion of assassins — not to destroy the Dark Knight, but to eliminate his enemies… permanently. And a two-bit hood called the Black Mask is forming a deadly new masked mob.

Outlawed. Outnumbered. On the run. Batman’s greatest battle for the soul of Gotham City is about to begin!

Collects The Batman Adventures #1-36, The Batman Adventures Annual #1, The Batman Adventures Annual #2, The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, The Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1, and stories from Batman: Black & White Omnibus.

A few thoughts:

Harley Quinn’s first comic-book appearance

— The 1,200-page hardcover is due Sept. 5, 2023. It lists for $150.

— The book covers the entire first comics series, which began in 1992, and various related specials. That means there’s plenty of room left for DC to omnibusize (I just made that up) the other comics set in the Batman Timmverse, such as Batman & Robin Adventures, Batman: Gotham Adventures, Batman Adventures and so forth. (Or maybe even all the other Timmverse books covering Superman, the Justice League and whatnot.) Pure wishfulness and speculation, of course, but you know how it works: Money talks.

— Standard caveat: This has not been formally solicited by DC yet — at least as far as I can tell — so anything can change. (Even then, it can still change.) Keep coming to 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I want that. Great bead time reading with a grandson!

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  2. Amazon shows it around $92. I might pick it up once it gets closer to around the $60 range.

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  3. Mike Parobeck’s art was a joy to behold and read- so fluid and expressive, A talent taken way too soon.

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