COOL EVENT ALERT: Craig Yoe’s ‘Is THAT Art?!’ in NYC

This is an exhibit that demands your attention.

Craig Yoe will not be at the EAST COAST COMICON. I will hold that against him for about 30 minutes. But once that time passes, I will urge everyone and anyone who appreciates classic comic art to head to his show at the Society of Illustrators that opens 4/8.

Besides being a fine human being and sharp wit, Craig‘s got a master’s eye when it comes to the art of comics. His home is practically a museum to the form — he has a Ditko page hanging in his bathroom, for crying out loud! I’ve peed under a Ditko!

Anyway, his exhibit will feature some truly spectacular pieces of art. Take a look, if you don’t believe me. And when you’re done, check out Craig‘s official blurbage underneath:

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 2.17.56 PM


“Is THAT Art?!” is a haughty remark about comics from art critics. In proud retort, a new exhibit promises to trumpet a resounding “YES!”

The exhibit takes its very name — “Is THAT Art?!” — from a speech bubble in a magnificent painting by George “Krazy Kat” Herriman, a centerpiece of the show.  

A grand, celebrity-attended premiere is scheduled for Wednesday April 8th, 5:00 to 10:00 pm and is open to the public at the storied Society of Illustrators (128 E 63rd St, New York, NY 10065).

In conjunction with the popular MoCCA Fest, “Is THAT Art?!” features original comic art by Jack Kirby, R. Crumb, Charles Schulz, Thomas Nast, George Herriman, Steve Ditko, Charles Addams, Fletcher Hanks, Harvey Kurtzman, and many more master cartoonists from the Craig Yoe Collection. There are a 100 rare, jaw-dropping pieces in all. 

Craig Yoe has been called by USA Today, “The Comic Book genre’s master archeologist!” and has been digging out these treasures from 50 years of collecting. Some of the pieces have been reproduced in the over 50 books Yoe has done with Clizia Gussoni in their Yoe Books/IDW imprint. But, nearly every piece is for the first time being seen in public—a breathtaking opportunity and experience not to be missed! 

Yoe says, “My Momma taught me that sharing is caring and I’m thrilled to share my collection. People will be able to see epic artists’ work up close and personal. I hope ‘Is THAT Art?!’  will poo-poo any doubters,  showing the naysayers that comics are indeed Art with a capital A!”

The show runs through May 2nd.

Go, dog, go!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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