COOL EVENT ALERT: Craig Yoe Brings Milt Gross Back to NYC

Craig Yoe and his IDW cohorts are giving a presentation of Milt Gross’ New York: A Lost Graphic Novel at the Mid-Manhattan Library on Tuesday 2/24.

Comix editor/curator/historian Craig Yoe, one of our fave people in this goldarn biz, is presenting a multi-media presentation about the new book Milt Gross’ New York: A Lost Graphic Novel at the Mid-Manhattan Library branch of the New York Public Library. There will be a few advance copies of the deluxe reprint of the 1939 pioneering graphic novel at the event, sez Craig. This hardback reprint an intro by Jim Steranko, and Greg Goldstein of IDW will be at the event to introduce Yoe and — evidently — wish him a happy birthday!

Come Tuesday at 455 Fifth Ave. at 6:30 p.m.

Not in the area? You can always fly in! It’s not snowing today.

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Anyway, here’s more from Craig his own self:

Listen to what Big Shot cartoonists say about Gross: “I love all his work-what a goofball!” – R. Crumb; “Still Great!” – Jules Feiffer; “He frees you up!” – Patrick McDonnell; “Dig!”- Matt Groening. 

Animation Resources says of the original uber-rare book from 1939: “It’s an amazing time capsule into life in the Big Apple in its golden age. If Weegee’s Naked City depicts the front page view of this marvelous time and place, Gross’ Cartoon Tour tells the Funny Pages version. Milt Gross is one of the greatest comic artists who ever lived. His drawing style is direct and funny with absolutely flawless staging, composition and expression… there’s still plenty of joy in every panel!”

Author: Dan Greenfield

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