(CONTEST CLOSED) Win a RARE Pink Cowl BATMAN ’66 Bobble-Head!

(UPDATED: CONTEST CLOSED) Just try finding one on eBay. And if you do, it’ll cost you. But here’s your chance to win one — in conjunction with the great BATCAVE PODCAST!


We’re big fans of John S. Drew‘s Batcave Podcast around here, in which he and a guest every week discuss a specific episode of Batman ’66. I’ve been honored to be on it myself a number of times — and coming up John and I talk about the classic Batman/Mad Hatter episode The Contaminated Cowl. (It’ll be available 3/11.)

So, as we have in the past, we decided to add a fitting contest to the mix — and here are all the details on how you could win a Batman ’66 special-edition Contaminated Cowl Wacky Wobbler!

Stock pic. Not the exact one up for grabs but the same model.

Stock pic. Not the exact one up for grabs but the same model.

Step 1: Answer this question: Who was the actor who played the Mad Hatter on the Batman ’66 TV show?

Step 2: Email the answer to The13thD@gmail.com. To expedite shipping, include the name of your city and state (or province) in your entry.

Step 3: One winner will be selected at random from those who send in a correct answer.

Step 4: We will announce the winner on the 3/11 edition of The Batcave Podcast – so listen in! The winner will also be announced on Twitter, so follow us @13th_Dimension and @BatcavePodcast – because the winner could be you!

The Fine Print: One entry per person. Prize will only be shipped to a continental U.S. or Canadian address and will be sent within about 30 days of contest’s end. Judges’ decision final. Entries must be received by 11 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 8.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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