Classic MARVEL COMICS MINI-BOOKS to Be Re-Released as Large-Size Facsimiles

A fun little throwback…

Back in the Marvel Age, the House of Ideas was willing to try anything to grab the attention of readers — including in 1966 publishing comics so small you could get them in a gumball machine.

There were six Marvel Comics Mini-Books — starring Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Nick Fury… and Millie the Model.

Each tiny volume — smaller than a postage stamp — told the character’s origin story. They’re considered the smallest comics ever and are a funky footnote in Marvel history — but come August, they’ll be reprinted for the first time and you’ll be able to get your hands on a complete boxed set, enlarged for greater readability, according to an Amazon listing.

Dig the official description of the Marvel Comics Mini-Books Collectible Boxed Set: A History and Facsimiles of Marvel’s Smallest Comic Books:

Reprinted for the first time, the world’s smallest comic books—originally printed in 1966 and now enlarged to a more readable size—in a seven-book collectable boxed set

In 1966, Marvel printed what the Guinness Book of World Records certified as the world’s smallest comic books. Smaller than a postage stamp, and sold in gumball machines across the country, these six books told the quirky origin stories of Marvel’s most beloved characters at that time: the Amazing Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, Captain America, Sergeant Nick Fury, and Millie the Model.

Marvel Comics Mini-Books reproduces facsimile editions of all six books in one affordable box set—along with a seventh book written by Mark Evanier that details the history and creation of these rare, vintage collectables.

A few thoughts:

— Marvel is getting really clever with some of its retro products. On the horizon is the mind-blowing Retro Marvel Black Light Posters 2021 Calendar (click here) and the hardcover Marvel Value Stamps: A Visual History (click here). Now this. I figure on getting all three, because how can I not?

— The books in the new set are listed as 4″ x 6″. That’s not smaller than a postage stamp, but it’s still pretty small.

— Wanna see what one of these looks like inside? Check this out:

— You’ve probably seen the sticker pasted on the machines that sold these:

Standard price comparison: The boxed set, with a total of 336 pages, is due in August from Abrams ComicArts and is listed for $29.99. Originals aren’t terribly expensive unless you’re trying to build the whole set. Individuals have been selling on eBay recently from roughly $20 to $50.

Standard caveat: Like the Marvel Value Stamps book and the black-light poster calendar, this hasn’t been solicited for comics shops yet, meaning it’s not exactly an official announcement. Not that it necessarily will be solicited. It may just be in the bookseller market. In addition, the entire comics industry is in flux right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, so a lot can change. But keep your ears and eyes open.


— MARVEL’s Classic Black Light Posters Are Making a Comeback. Click here.

— MARVEL VALUE STAMPS Illustrated History Book Coming in 2020. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I remember these Dan! As a small boy, like millions of other kids, I lost the battle of choice with my parents. Superheroes or chores! (The chores would always somehow be the victor) I can hardly wait to see them again!

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  2. I got two of those when I was a kid. We ordered them out of the magical, but now defunct, Lone Star Comics catalogue from the Dallas area. Their catalogue reached the exact target audience – – me, between 10 and 14 yrs old. They had something cool in there every month. “LoneStar Comics has exclusively found several boxes of Marvel mini books! Hurry while supplies last. They’re sure to go fast!” As I recall, I believe I remember that they’d found a whole warehouse filled with them up in Coney Island, untouched, unopened. And that’s the thing they stressed – – don’t open them!! The pictures were so small, there was really nothing to look at, and I remember them stressing these would be collectors items and would be best to leave them unopened. They kind of a had a glue seal around the edges. I had a friend who didn’t heed the advise and opened his.

    At any rate, from what I remember the catalogue was right….maybe just a picture of Spider-Man’s face, a close up of a fist,….I don’t think there were even any backgrounds drawn….and very little room for dialogue. I can’t imagine what blowing these up bigger would do when there was so little content to see. However, I think it’s cool and I applaud all of this for bringing this cool little footnote back.

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