CHRISTY BLANCH’s Favorite Spider-Man Story

The writer and educator behind the awesome lecture series Social Issues Through Comic Books (aka SuperMOOC 2) reveals her fave Spidey tale for SPIDER-MAN WEEK.

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This was pretty tough for me. There are so many great stories — including some of the newer ones! I am going to go with the story “The Horns of the Rhino” (Amazing Spider-Man #41-43) for a few reasons. I love the Rhino. He’s just such a great villain for a visual medium like comics. And while I LOVE Gwen Stacy’s character, I also love the appearance of Mary Jane (in #42), mostly because of the awesome line “Face it, Tiger … You just hit the jackpot!” With the team of John Romita and Stan Lee, we as readers hit the jackpot!!


Author: 13th Dimension

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