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If you love the Beatles and illustration, you’re in luck: Our pal Bill Morrison is putting up for sale original art from 2021’s All You Nerd is Love: A Yellow Submarine Puzzle Book, a spinoff from his glorious graphic novel adaptation of the 1968 animated classic.

The pieces will go live Friday via 4C Comics and you can click here to go shopping in the proverbial Pepperland.

But to whet your appetite, here’s a mere sample of what will be available, including unused designs for Lovely Rita, Meter Maid (based on the Jose Delbo design from the 1960s Dell adaptation). She was cut from the film, as well as the Shaggy Seal, which is also below.

Dig these:

That last guy is Mechanical Ejector Seat man, also cut from the film.

So, again, check out 4C Comics on Friday. And dig the links below where Bill talks about the phenomenal graphic novel. (Plus, don’t forget to check in Monday for his regular MORRISON MONDAYS feature!)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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