BEN STENBECK Picks His Favorite WILL EISNER Splash Page!

WILL EISNER WEEK EXCLUSIVE! All week here at 13th Dimension, top artists are picking their favorite Eisner splashes. Today: BEN STENBECK!

UPDATED 3/17: Will Eisner would have been 100 on March 6. We’ve gathered our best Eisner coverage and are re-presenting for the occasion. For a complete index of stories, including contributions by Darwyn Cooke, Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla, click here. Enjoy.


Last year, the Spirit’s previous cartoonist — Darwyn Cooke — picked Eight Eisner Stories Every Fan Should Read for us here at 13th Dimension.

This year, we decided to spread the wealth and asked some of the industry’s foremost artists — including the likes of Francesco Francavilla and Mike Allred – to pick their favorite Eisner splash pages.

Here’s artist BEN STENBECK:

Cover treatment for The Spirit #59 from Kitchen Sink, 1989.

Cover treatment for The Spirit #59 from Kitchen Sink, 1989.

“What can I add to that? It’s amazing. I’m glad I got to meet him. We were both browsing the Fantagraphics booth at SDCC. I introduced myself and shook his hand and called him sir, and he was really nice. I didn’t want to show him my work, though.”

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