BATMAN ’66 WEEK: Look! It’s the Batcopter!

In honor of BATMAN ’66 WEEK, here’s where it’s going to be this year!

Capt. Eugene A. Nock ATP N3079G Batcopter Pilot

The original Batman ’66 Batcopter, the one seen in the movie and several episodes of the show, tours the country every year. And in a lot of those stops, you can actually fly in it!

I’ve actually been in it myself, but sadly, weather prevented us from going into the air. But maybe this year.

Capt. Eugene Nock is the prideful owner and operator of the Batcopter (serial no. N3079G).

“I am so proud to be the pilot of N3079G, the Batcopter, which gets to fly alongside some of our nation’s finest restored collectable aircraft at some of the largest events in the world,” Nock said.

N3079G Batcopter Batmobile Eaa Hanger 2

Among them in 2014 are:

— Daytona International Speedway 25th Annual Hot Rod Run, Daytona, Fla.: March 28-30.

— Sun and Fun Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Lakeland, Fla.: April 1-6.

— Oshkosh Air Adventure Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Oshkosh, Wisc.: July 28-Aug. 3.

Now, other than EAA shows, Nock said, fans can actually ride in the classic chopper — which comes complete with Shark Repellent Batspray.


Rides typically come with a charge. Other dates to be added, so keep an eye on

“Great news indeed concerning the long overdue and certainly deserving release
of the 1966 Batman TV show on DVD,” Nock said about this week’s home-video news. “I have been friends with Adam West and Burt Ward since the late 1960s. … I am very happy for the cast of the show, because this is an accomplishment. I also know that this release will be a huge hit with the millions of Batfans!”

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Just another average day for the crime-fighting author.

Just another average day for the crime-fighting author.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Where are the wings? The correct TV show logo? The Bat-Silhouette on the cockpit glass? Not the real Batcopter.

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    • Actually, it is. A lot of the machinery has been retrofitted so that it is airworthy. I myself couldn’t care less that the logo is off. But it is the real deal. It’s been well documented.

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