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Welcome to BATMADNESS: The Animated Tournament — your chance to VOTE for the greatest Batman: The Animated Series episode of all time.

Writer Fred Van Lente, a 13th Dimension regular, and his artistic collaborator Ryan Dunlavey have produced The Comic Book History of Animation — a five-part series whose Issue #2 is out Dec. 23 from IDW. To celebrate, we’re holding a tourney to pick the best episode from the greatest comic-book animated series of them all — and YOU get to decide.

Fred and Ryan seeded eight episodes each for a Sweet 16 and we’ll be pairing them off until we have a champion in January. (Click here to follow the whole tournament.)

We’ve now reached the ELITE EIGHT — and we haven’t had an upset yet, so things are really gonna get interesting.

HOW TO VOTE: You can pick your choice two ways: 1) Note it in the comments below; or 2) Take part in our Twitter poll, also below. Votes will be tabulated and the winner will be announced in the following round.

We’re up to ELITE EIGHT MATCH-UP #3: HARLEY AND IVY (Ryan’s No. 2) vs. TWO-FACE (Fred’s No. 3)

Written by Paul Dini. Directed by Boyd Kirkland.

“The Batman series had drawn heavily on 50-plus years of comic books for its story ideas, but here scriptwriter Paul Dini and crew took the mythos into uncharted territory — partnering Gotham’s two most colorful female villains for a crime spree. It was pure dynamite. After this episode, anything was game!” — RD

Story by Alan Burnett (Part 1.) Teleplay by Randy Rogel. Directed by Kevin Altieri.

“BTAS did some of its best work in reinventing the villains ignored by Burton and co. — no better than Harvey Dent/Two-Face, played throughout by the bailiff from Night Court, Richard Moll. The climax in the casino is one of the series’ most dramatic — and moving.” — FVL

Now, which do YOU prefer? VOTE!

For the complete BATMADNESS: The Animated Tournament: Click here.

NEXT: On Leather Wings (Fred’s No. 4) vs. The Laughing Fish (Ryan’s No. 1). Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Two-Face. I think partially because I’m so numb to Harley now, I’m having a hard time appreciating the brilliance of her earliest appearances. Which is a shame.

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