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Titans Hunt is a fun comic if you’re able to not think too hard about it.

I mean, it’s entertaining and swell but if you’re trying to figure out how the story fits into the larger DC Universe, you’re just plain asking for trouble because there are so many elements that fall outside what we’ve been told to think since the New 52.

Now, of course, this book is designed to be some sort of bridge that, thanks to Convergence, will connect the pre-Flashpoint world with the New 52 and Rebirth. But the details of that don’t interest me all that much.

It’s why I prefer to make my own continuity (click here for more on that): It enables me to enjoy a story on its own terms, and I like the way writer Dan Abnett’s been handling things. (Art this month is by Paulo Siqueira and Hi-Fi, with covers by Ed Benes and John Romita Jr.)


I like seeing Dick and Donna and Roy and Garth (and Mal and Lilith, etc.) back together again. Are the characterizations exactly how I’d want them? No. But then this book is more plot than character study, which makes sense given its raison d’etre. I expect/hope we’ll get more of those interpersonal dynamics onceĀ Titans launches with most of these characters come Rebirth time.

Because it’s the personalities that really make the (Teen) Titans work, and always have. The Justice League is about co-workers but the Teen Titans is about friends.

And it’s nice to see these friends back together on a regular basis — now and in the future.

By the way, it appears this month’s cover is an homage to this Nick Cardy original:



— Y’know, I always feek like I have to explain why I consider Titans books to be Batbooks. It comes down to the fact that the Titans are traditionally led by Robin or Nightwing, while the Justice League is only occasionally led by Batman. I mean, I still consider Justice League to be an honorary Batbook, but Titans hits a bit closer to the target.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death #4, by Amy Chu and Clay Mann is out this week. Selina’s slinking about, so that’s cool.

Harley’s Little Black Book #3, by Palmiotti/Conner and Joseph Michael Linsner, pairs Harley with Zatanna and that looks like fun.

Robin: Son of Batman #11 is out. The team of Ray Fawkes and Ramon Bachs has been solid.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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