Teen Titans has always been Robin’s book more than Justice League has been Batman’s book. Which means Teen Titans has always been more of a Batbook than Justice League. Got it?


So if I’m picking a Batbook I’m most excited for this week, it’s Titans Hunt #1, hands down. Getting to revisit Aqualad, Lilith, Mal and the original Hawk and Dove really has me looking forward to Wednesday. And of course, Dick Grayson is in the middle of it all.

How this story fits into the New 52/post-Flashpoint/post-Convergence world is the big mystery — but, really, who cares if the story’s well told? Just the chance to hang out with these guys is welcome.

Now, about Kid Flash …

Look at that logo! And that's a Cardy homage there ... and homage to a JLA cover!

Love that logo!

(Click here for our interview with writer Dan Abnett, by the way. And click here for our tribute to classic Teen Titans artist Nick Cardy.)

ALSO ON THE BATSHELVES THIS WEEK: The HOT PICKS guys already noted the cool Batswag like the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile and the Bombshells Catwoman statue. But there’s also Justice League #45, with BatMetron, and the next chapter of the exciting Darkseid War. The weekly Batman and Robin Eternal #3 is out too, naturally.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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