BATBOOK OF THE WEEK — Robin: A Celebration of 75 Years

The latest DC anniversary hardcover is this week’s must-get for your Batshelf.

We’ve already had a ROBIN WEEK in the young life of 13th Dimension, timed to the resurrection of Damian Wayne late last year. I’m sure we’ll do another soon enough but in the meantime, there’s this: DC‘s own retrospective on Dick Grayson and the others who’ve worn the red, gold and green — or variations thereof.

Robin certainly deserves this treatment. In many ways, he — or she — has represented our viewpoint on Batman and the larger DCU and this edition is chock full o’ Boy/Girl Wonder-centric stories dating back to Detective Comics #38 — when the original was “the sensational character find of 1940.”



If only it included the story from Detective Comics #526, when Jason Todd looked like THIS:

He totally should have kept this look.

He totally should have kept this look.

ALSO ON THE BATSHELVES THIS WEEK: There’s another retrospective book, a paperback called Batman Arkham: The Riddler, which seems timed to the release of the forthcoming Arkham Knight video game (and, perhaps, the success of Gotham). It’s a collection of Riddler tales through the years. Yay, Riddler! There are other odds and ends but nothing that really interests me except for Convergence: Catwoman #2. Meow.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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