BATBOOK OF THE WEEK: Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1

Is Harley Quinn really a Batbook? It is when she hits the road with Catwoman and Poison Ivy.


Harley Quinn was borne of the world of Batman and yet she has — for a variety of reasons — managed to become a character in her own right. She’s no longer just the Joker’s girlfriend or a member of Batman’s rogues gallery. She’s Harley Quinn, hear her roar.

In broader popular culture, that’s largely down to the Arkham games and, now, the very hubba hubba Margot Robbie. But in the world of comics, the credit goes to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner and their artistic collaborators, like regular penciller Chad Hardin.



On all levels, Harley‘s gone from cult cartoon fave to the A-list. (By the way, have you seen Figures Toy Company’s forthcoming Mego? Check her out here.)

Harl goes back to her roots this week, in a way, by hitting the road with the two other Gotham City sirens — Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

I’m sure we’ll be treated to huge helpings of silliness and sexual innuendo as only Conner and Palmiotti — aided and abetted by artist Bret Blevins — can give us.

Nice to have one last road trip as the summer ends.


Conner cover

ALSO ON THE BATSHELVES THIS WEEK: Batman #44 is the Greg Capullo break issue — but Scott Snyder’s joined by one of his other big-time collaborators, Jock. We’ll get some Mr. Bloom background in this one.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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