Selina belongs in the jumpsuit.


I gave it a try. I did. I was willing to take a chance on Selina Kyle: Crime Lord. I mean, Dick Grayson: Superspy worked, right?

But far-fetched ideas only work when they’re executed well, and I just felt that the recent run on Catwoman was too cold. There was something distant and convoluted about it that just wasn’t inviting.

So now that Catwoman is Catwoman again, I’m back to give the title another try. Writer Frank Tieri and artist Inaki Miranda are in Gotham — the latter known for his work on Vertigo’s Coffin Hill and Fairest.

Excellent Joshua Middleton cover

Excellent Joshua Middleton cover

From what I’ve seen so far, Miranda will bring a visual pop and an interesting new look to Selina’s world.

I’m ready to start anew.


Inaki Miranda

ALSO ON THE BATSHELVES THIS WEEK: Big, big week. Lots to pick up. For starters, there’s Batman #47 and Batman and Robin Eternal #10.

Then there are the Robin War chapters and tie-ins: Grayson #15 (Part 2); Detective Comics #47 (Part 3); Gotham Academy #13; and, Red Hood/Arsenal #7. I’m listing them all to be a full-service provider but personally only plan on reading Grayson and Detective, which are actual chapters of the story.

Starfire #7 should be fun, what with Kori’s ex Dick Grayson coming to Key West.

It ain’t my cuppa, but for you “Cowabunga!”-yelling pizza lovers out there, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 is out this week, too.

There’s also the Dark Knight III #1 Collectors Edition, which repackages the first issue that came out a couple of weeks ago with fancier paper and cover stock and reprints the accompanying The Atom mini-comic in full size. That’s for the hardcore Miller collectors or Batman completists out there.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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