A SNEAK PEEK at World of Betty & Veronica Digest #31

Hey, Archie’s getting hitched — again! Only not to Betty or Veronica, but to… Penny Parker?! Whaaa?

Yeah, you guessed it: The Riverdale Winter Carnival’s mysterious Tunnel of Love is up to its tricks again as young Mr. Andrews gets to see a future of married life with the town’s preeminent crime-solver, Penny Parker.

Dig this EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of World of Betty & Veronica Digest #31, out Dec. 6. The tale is a Dan Parent joint, plus there’s a second new story, where B & V hang out with the Jaguar(s). And, of course, there’s the usual collection of groovy vintage stories, including Sabrina in Holiday Happenings, from 1976’s Archie Giant Series Magazine #455, which you can read in full after the SNEAK PEEK.

Far out.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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