ADVANCE LOOK: The Manhattan Projects #21

After a busy few weeks of traveling in Ireland and a heavy schedule of NY-area cons, I’m finally getting back behind the computer keyboard with a preview of one of the books I’ve been looking forward to this week: The Manhattan Projects #21, from Image.

One of my favorite storylines in this book was always the Infinite Oppenheimers interlude, those periodic issues where Ryan Browne would take over pencils for Nick Pitarra and take us into the warped mind of Joseph Oppenheimer. But given the last few issues, it looks like that tangent might be done with. Instead, Browne is back with a new interlude for Issue #21: the story of Laika, the talking cosmonaut dog who was last seen drifting through the farthest reaches of known space.

So where has Laika been?  Take a look:


ManhattanProjects21_Cover ManhattanProjects21_Page1 ManhattanProjects21_Page2 ManhattanProjects21_Page3 ManhattanProjects21_Page4

Author: 13th Dimension

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