A NEAL ADAMS CHECKLIST: Your Guide to Comics’ Greatest Artist

A round-up of the master’s classic work…

TwoMorrows’ two-part tribute to the late Neal Adams is launching now with Alter Ego #181, which is already available from the publisher and will soon be at comics shops and magazine sellers. (Back Issue #143, the second half, will be available in May.)

Alter Ego #181 is jam-packed with in-depth interviews, tributes and rare art — including the cover itself, which is believed to be a rejected cover pitched for the landmark Brave and the Bold #85, which introduced the new-look Green Arrow.

Dig the table of contents:

Given the length of the articles, it would be hard to do any of them justice with an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT. But editor Roy Thomas also included a Neal Adams Checklist, so we’re bringing that to you so you get a taste of what the mag is all about.

I strongly, strongly recommend you pick up a copy of the mag itself. It’s not only essential reading, it’s a keeper for any Adams fan’s library. Click here to order or check with your LCS for when it’s coming via Diamond.

Right on.


— NEAL ADAMS to Receive Double-Barrel Salute in 2023. Click here.

— BATMAN’s Unsung Artists to Take Center Stage in Landmark BACK ISSUE #150. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. One of the top three comic book artists ever. Irreplacable.

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  2. The BEST comic book artist of all time!

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  3. A checklist without issue numbers is not a checklist. And anyone who thinks they can do a checklist of Neal Adams’ work in three pages should get their head examined.

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