A Hanukkah Surprise from 13th Dimension!

I’m Jewish. The Thing’s Jewish. Batwoman was Jewish but I don’t think she is anymore. Hanukkah starts tonight. Here’s what I found when I Google Imaged “Hanukkah superheroes” …

This. What the hell is this? I mean seriously?


What is this, the Legion of Super-Stereotypes?

Jew Lad?

Beard Boy?

Dreidel Lass?


Befuddled Woody Allen Rabbi Man?

What. The. Hell.

When I was a kid, Channel 4, the NBC affiliate in New York, used to have their local talent sing “We Need A Little Christmas” at Rockefeller Center and they’d run it during commercial breaks. It was cute, warm and hokey. For all I know, they still do it but who the hell watches network TV anymore?

For Hanukkah? The TV stations would give you a still image of a lit menorah, with a voice-over, “Happy Hanukkah, to all our Jewish friends, from those of us at Channel blah blah blah.”

They might as well have said YOU PEOPLE.


I still have issues.

Happy Hanukkah!


(P.S. This image? By Jack Kirby. Jewish! From the Kirbys’ Hanukkah card in 1976.)

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I believe “Menorah Lad” was in the League of Substitute Super-Heroes

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