A FLASH A DAY #2: Gorilla City Commander

Miss the show? Every day this week, we’re joining with the HeroClix folks to do a little something to fill the void by bringing you a daily Flash fix.

Not only are we having a Flash Contest this week (DETAILS HERE), but every day, we’re cracking open a Flash HeroClix figure at random just to bring a little lightning into your Flashless life.

No, these newly released HeroClix are not based on the show. They’re based on the DC comic. But that’s more than cool, amirite? …


Today’s HeroClix Flash mini-figure is …




Grodd needs his minions, does he not? Well this warrior swears to BRING DEATH TO THOSE WHO OPPOSE GRODD!

I love Grodd in the comics — and I can’t wait until the talking gorilla shows up on the show.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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