1974’s Smashing GIANT-SIZE SUPER-STARS #1 to Get Facsimile Edition

The Hulk vs. the Thing for all the marbles!

Take one green goliath, one orange rockman, have them mix it up and you’ve got a classic battle royale. Or many of them, looking across the decades.

But one has long been a fan favorite — 1974’s Giant-Size Super-Stars #1, which will be getting a Facsimile Edition in December.

Dig the official solicitation info, released Thursday by Marvel:


Penciled by RICH BUCKLER

The Thing and the Hulk have one of the most powerhouse rivalries in the entire Marvel Universe – and in 1974, it spilled out of the pages of both of their own books into a double-length slobberknocker! And like all the best bouts, this one takes place in the ring at Madison Square Garden – with the Fantastic Four watching on! In the green corner, it’s Bruce Banner’s incredible alter ego! In the orange corner, it’s bashful Benjamin J. Grimm! But there’s a twist to this fight that you won’t believe – and the formidable warrior Thundra is on hand to tag in! Will it be Clobberin’ Time for the Hulk? Or will the ever-lovin’ Thing get smashed? Find out in one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting GIANT-SIZE SUPER-STARS #1.

48 PGS./Rated T …$6.99

Due date: 12/27/23

A few thoughts:

— What fun! More Giant-Size Facsimile Editions, Marvel! More! More! This one — reprinting Marvel’s first “Giant-Size” comic — is being released for the 50th anniversary of the form.

— A second Facsimile Edition is coming in December from the House of Ideas: a new printing of Claremont and Miller’s Wolverine #1 Facsimile Edition. We told you about that the other day, so click here for the skinny.

— The solicitations also noted that Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 will be getting a Facsimile Edition on Jan. 3, 2024, the same month as the issue’s 40th anniversary. More to come on that next month.

Obligatory Price Comparison: An unslabbed original in nice condition recently sold on eBay for $59.73. This one is 7 clams.


— MARVEL Gets Jump on WOLVERINE’S 50th Anniversary With a New FACSIMILE EDITION Printing. Click here.

— DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Marvel to Re-Release X-MEN #141 and #142 As Facsimile EditionsClick here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Not to be THAT pedantic fan, but that Wolverine #1 Facsimile Edition should be credited to Claremont and Miller, not Byrne. Although, wow, that would be quite a find!

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    • That’s not being pedantic — that’s being helpful. Sometimes you just get used to typing Claremont and Byrne over and over…

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  2. Is this really “Giant Size” though? My LCS advertised it in a video and it just looked like the size of a regular comic. I expected this to be the size of a Treasury Edition but it’s not.

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    • In this case, “Giant-Size” refers to the number of pages, not the dimensions of the comic.

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