18-Inch MEGO Replicas? CAN’T … RESIST …!

Figures Toy Company‘s foray into gigantic retro figures is impossibly alluring to this decades-long fan.


The traditional 8-inch Mego scale has always been the action figure ideal for me. It’s what I grew up with and so that’s how I was conditioned.

Classic G.I. Joes seemed too big and Star Wars figures seemed too small. I was never even really that interested in the 12-inch Mego figures. There were no vehicles, playsets, what have you.

Never did it for me. This is for sale on eBay, by the way.

Never did it for me. This is for sale on eBay, by the way.


Somewhere along the line, 18-inch and 24-inch figures started entering the toy and collectible fray. This was too far off the charts for me. I just couldn’t see the appeal, for the most part.

Besides? Where would you put them?

And then … and then …

And then I saw what Figures Toy Company has in store this summer: Traditional Mego figures — standing a foot and a half high. In window boxes. Four of them Batman-related figures.


From the FTC website. Only pix available right now.


Good lord, my heart skipped a beat.

These weren’t toys. These were monuments to a Bronze Age childhood.



Now, I’m not gonna kid you. Like most people, I don’t have unlimited space. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the logistics of having these in my house.

So I put them out of my mind. And then I’d think about them. And push them away again. Back and forth, back and forth.

I felt like a superhero trying to keep from knuckling under some hypnotic ray.


And, of course in the end it became “CAN’T … RESIST…!”

I’m in for all five.



But how am I gonna fit them all?

Hell, I’ll find a way.

But I'm gonna leave them in the boxes ...

But I’m gonna keep them in the boxes …

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The $100 price tag for each is what’s holding me back.
    Maybe $65 and I’d snatch them up.

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