13 WEIRD COVERS: An AL FELDSTEIN Birthday Celebration

Weird Science, Weird Fantasy: One of comics’ greats was born 97 years ago…


It can be said that the late Al Feldstein’s greatest strength at EC Comics was his work as a writer. I completely agree with that, but I also love his rocket covers for EC’s science-fiction titles. Here, in honor of his birthday — he was born 97 years ago on Oct. 24, 1925 — are my 13 favorites.

In chronological order:

Weird Fantasy #17 (Jan.-Feb. 1951). This was actually Weird Science’s fifth issue, but it originally carried on the numbering from A Moon… A Girl… Romance after the change of title.

Weird Science #5 (Jan-Feb. 1951)

Weird Science #7 (May-June 1951)

Weird Fantasy #9 (Sept.-Oct. 1951). With the numbering now correct.

Weird Fantasy #10 (Jan.-Feb, 1952)

Weird Fantasy #11 (Jan.-Feb. 1952)

Weird Science #11 (Jan.-Feb. 1952)

Weird Fantasy #13 (May-June 1952)

Weird Fantasy #17 (Jan.-Feb. 1953). The real #17.

Weird Fantasy #20 (July-Aug. 1953)

Weird Science-Fantasy (1953). New cover for a collection of remainder issues.

Weird Science-Fantasy #24 (June 1954)

Squa Tront #3 (1969). Feldstein’s painted version of his WSF #24 above. Used for the fanzine’s cover.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. If there’s one thing I love about retro Science Fiction, it’s the insistence that as long as you have a semblance of a space suit and helmet, short pants in the vacuum of space is PEFECTLY fine! 😉

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  2. Those are awesome! Those are some great looking ships, with fine lines. They look like what George McFly was reading.

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  3. Beautiful covers. ! Happy birthday Mr Feldstein.

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