JOHN ROMITA (1930-2023): A tribute to a legend…

UPDATED 6/14/23: The great John Romita has died at the age of 93. In tribute, we re-present this piece from 2022. For more celebrations of Romita’s illustrious career, click here. Rest in peace, Jazzy John. — Dan

John Romita Sr. was born 92 years ago on Jan. 24, 1930. As I’ve said before, he is for my money the ultimate Spider-Man artist. We’ve done plenty of 13 COVERS galleries over the years, so this time it’s 13 SPLASH PAGES from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Let’s swing!

Issue #39 (Mickey Demeo is Mike Esposito)

Issue #88

Issue #63

Issue #66. Inks by Esposito and Don Heck.

Issue #94

Issue #40

Issue #48

Issue #61

Issue #60

Issue #53

Issue #94. Sal Buscema inks.

Issue #112. Background inks by Tony Mortellaro.

Issue #50. Esposito inks.


— JOHN ROMITA DEAD AT 93. Click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Mickey DeMeo was actually Mike Esposito, correct?

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    • Yes- He was working at DC at the time so he used a different name

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  2. I love Ditko but Mr. Romita drew my Spidey. Happy Birthday to a true legend.

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  3. These are some great splash pages. Romita really hit the ground running. These really created an interesting opening to the story.

    Even the “normal” openings like him reading a paper or webbing his street clothes to a wall. Great work.

    Just a thought about ish 48. If this battle took more than an hour or he forgot which building – that means his webbing dissolves and his clothes drop to the ground.

    Did he leave his wallet with them? That would risky I think.

    Good fun. Thanks.

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  4. These are timeless classics – and visually, each one is a masterstroke in composition, anatomy, and storytelling.

    Any of these would make wonderful posters or even tiny postcards – they read so well to the eye whether large or small, unlike – I’m sorry to say – too many of today’s artists/comics where I’ve seen a trend in overworking the colours ( often to do the “heavy lifting” for really poor draughtsmanship), and going gung-ho with lens flare Photoshop FX.

    Masters like Romita, and so many of his peers could create depth and dynamism just with beautiful linework, and the simple colours which complimented the skillfully rendered pencils and inks.

    Just a pleasure to view.

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  5. John is definitely one of the top artists….period. I think his Spider-Man was a perfect style to follow Ditko’s. It was time for Peter to grow up some.

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