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The late, great Carmine Infantino — who was born 96 years ago on May 24, 1925 — drew some of my all-time fave Batman covers. He was a master and is on my personal Mount Rushmore of Bat-artists.

Of course, he did plenty of interiors too and his cover-design sense certainly extended to splash pages — so here are 13 of them, all from Detective Comics. (And you can also check out 13 COVERS at the links below!)

Bask in some Silver Age, folks!

Issue #327 — the first “New Look” issue. Joe Giella inks.

Issue #355. Giella inks.

Issue #363. Sid Greene inks.

Issue #339. Giella inks.

Issue #359 — Batgirl begins! Greene inks.

Issue #351. Greene inks.

Issue #343. Giella inks.

Issue #369. Greene inks.

Issue #345. Giella inks.

Issue #347. Giella inks.

Issue #367. Greene inks.

Issue #349. Giella inks.

Issue #366. Greene inks.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The late Mr. Infantino’s “Batman” artwork looks incredible to see. Happy birthday to him,

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  2. Ah great art and memories. I have all these issues.

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  3. These images bring back wonderful memories of the Batman tv show and of the use of this artwork in much of the Batman merchandising, especially the coloring books, which I loved.

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  4. Infantino has always been a favorite. Too bad Amazon is now listing the previously announced Legends of the DC Universe: Carmine Infantino Vol. 1 Hardcover as January 2, 2079! With all the ownership-caused upheaval DC is experiencing and still facing, it really may be then before it comes out.

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