13 SPIDER-MAN COVERS From the Late ’60s — Just to Make You Feel Good

Long story short: I’m reading Lee and Romita’s late ’60s Amazing Spider-Man and I was inspired to post 13 COVERS.

I mean, wouldn’t you?

(All by Jazzy John Romita except where noted, natch.)

Possible inks by Mike Esposito


— 13 SPIDER-MAN Covers to Make You Feel Good. Click here.

— 13 WEB OF SPIDER-MAN COVERS Just to Make You Feel Good. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. ASM 76 has one of the greatest covers of that era, and yet it’s rarely mentioned or shown on lists of top covers. The use of perspective there is fantastic, and the action is outstanding!

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  2. He doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he should. Romita’s SPIDER-MAN cover run is one of the best ever. Not a bum in the bunch.

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    • Joe, you are spot on there. John had a gift, and he used it amazingly well. His covers were always great – hell, even his recent covers he did in his 80’s were amazing! I just wish he had been able to do more interior work in the 70’s. He was a great Art Director for Marvel, but his talent wasn’t utilized the way I would have liked to see it utilized at that time. He was the perfect Spider-Man artist. And he did other titles phenomenally as well.

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  3. Can we just say it already? John Romita Sr. Is THE definitive and best Spider-Man artist of all time !

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  4. These classic Spidey covers are most definitely a groovy way to begin November.

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  5. You’re right. Those covers did make me feel good.
    Thank you very much and thanks to John Romita. I also agree with Erik, I wish Romita would have drawn more interior stories in the 70s.

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  6. That run of issues is very tightly written. Before I knew about Ditko, Romita was the definitive artist for Spidey, and may be for generations to come!

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  7. Michael B beat me to it. Romita was and still is the greatest Spidey artist ever.

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  8. Yup, JRSR is the best cover artist Marvel ever had, IMHO. Also my favorite comic artist ever, period. These pre-100 covers are amazing (pun intended) but honestly I think his 1970s ASM covers were even better. Whatever you prefer, they are all beautiful!

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