13 SPECTRE COVERS to Get You in the Spirit

Just for fun…

The Spectre hasn’t really been seen much of late but he’s making a big splashy return 6/26 in Detective Comics #1006 — by Peter Tomasi, Kyle Hotz and crew:

Hotz’s unlettered cover

Neat, huh?

Anyway, this got me to thinking, as these things do, that I’ve rarely featured the Spirit of Vengeance in these parts, so it seemed only appropriate to rectify that with a 13 COVERS selection.

As you’ll see, the gallery is dominated by the Silver and Bronze Ages, because, hey, why not? But there are some Golden and Modern Age choices too.

Gotta tell you, I could have kept going. The Spectre may not be an A-Lister, but dammit if he doesn’t lend himself to some great covers.

One last thing: I focused on Jim Corrigan because I’m an OG kind of guy. But also because I never bought the Hal Jordan angle and Crispus Allen — who’s one of the great DC characters of the last 20 years — should never have been turned into a superhero. (Gotham Central is priceless.)

So dig these 13 COVERS — led by the one that for my money is the best Spectre cover ever:

Nick Cardy

Bernard Baily

Jim Aparo

Murphy Anderson

Neal Adams

E.E. Hibbard


Mike Kaluta

Carmine Infantino pencils, Anderson inks





Cover images and credits from the super Grand Comics Database.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Have alway liked the Spectre and loved the way Jim Aparo drew him. I’ve gone back and forth on the costume thinking that an avenging angel shouldn’t have the two tone tights of a pro-wrestler. But Aparo and others have made it work.
    There have been several great Spectre covers over the decades ( mostly by Aparo ) like the melting machine gun, etc. So it musty have been extremely difficult to narrow it down to 13. Since the Spectre is capable of traversing through multiple dimensions, maybe you should have, just for this post, called your blog 25th Dimension and posted 25 covers.

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  2. A Spectre gallery without a Tom Mandrake image is not a good Spectre gallery

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  3. I have to agree with D.D.Degg. I’d almost forgotten about those awesome glow in the dark covers, etc.

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  4. Third agreement on Mandrake.
    That cover of the Jokerspectre still gives me the creeps!

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  5. Aparo + The Spectre = Perfection.

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