13 Reasons Editing Comics is the Best Job in the World

By Karen Berger


UPDATED 2/17/17: Dark Horse has announced Berger Books, a line of creator-owned vehicles run by Karen Berger, the editor who spearheaded Vertigo. With that in mind, we re-present this piece:

Karen Berger, one of comics’ most respected creative minds, has returned to the field and is the editor behind one of comics’ most intriguing launches of the fall, Surgeon X from Image.

Surgeon X — written by filmmaker Sara Kenney with art by John Watkiss — is a post-apocalyptic, socio-political medical thriller and Issue #1 debuts this week. (Besides your local shop, you can pick it up through Comixology here.)

We’re pleased, then, to present 13 Reasons Editing Comics is the Best Job in the World, by Karen Berger:

All pages from Issue #1

All pages from Issue #1

1. Working with writers on helping to develop their incredible ideas into a full world.

2. Working with artists who transform these ideas into amazing visual storytelling.

3. Working on stories in any genre, any topic, any theme, any type of characters.

4. Working on stories that experiment and take chances both in the writing and art.

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5. Working on series and graphic novels that have expanded the marketplace and brought in new readers.

6. Seeing comics/graphic novels that I’ve edited and published remain “evergreen” in print for decades to come.

7. Holding the finished, printed book in your hand!

8. Getting to read it digitally, too!

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9. Working with creatively wonderful people from all over, many of whom have become good friends.

10. Getting to work with the beyond awesome Neil Young on adapting his album Greendale into a graphic novel — true highlight of my career!

11. Going to conventions all over the world and meeting enthusiastic readers and retailers face-to-face. The comics community is a very special place!

12. There’s nothing else like it! An exciting and unique hybrid storytelling medium of writing and art.

13. Having an office romance with the best guy ever and being happily married to him for 28 years since (our two spectacular sons are pretty great, too!).

Issue #2 is due in October

Issue #2 is due in October

Author: Dan Greenfield

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