13 QUICK THOUGHTS: The BATMAN ’66 Figures You Want Most

We asked. You answered.


Maybe because it was decades of waiting but I can never get enough Batman ’66 swag — and by the looks of it, neither can you. A few weeks ago, I noted that NJ Crocemakers of the finest bendable figs in the biz — wanted to hear from fans about what they’d like to see next.


Now, to recap, we’ve gotten seven main figures so far: Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman (Newmar) and the Riddler. There’s also been a Batmobile that comes with two smaller-scale Batman and Robin figures, as well as three keychains: Batman, Robin and Batmobile in miniature.

That leaves an awful lot of space for growth and your responses did not disappoint. So here are 13 QUICK THOUGHTS on what you’re looking for:

1. King Tut, funky Tut. Far and away, readers wanted to see that rotund royal of the River Nile — Victor Buono’s King Tut. I was surprised, actually, but pleased nonetheless. I’ve gone on record many times about my own appreciation of this classic TV-only villain.



2. Mr. Freeze and Bookworm also got a lot of requests. So if I were advising NJ Croce, I’d tell them these three are the next three they should seriously consider. (Though I’m not a huge Bookworm fan myself.)



3. After that it was Alfred, the Mad Hatter and Egghead. But this was hardly scientific, so really, these are the half dozen that people have on their minds. As one reader said, you’ve “got to have Alfred to keep the place clean and answer the Batphone and help Batgirl keep her cover.”



4. You are looking for variants, or at least some specific ones: Catwoman without mask, Riddler with mask, and Riddler in suit and tie.



5. Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman also received support. To me, she’s a no-brainer because she’s in the license and nobody save HeroClix has done her yet.



6. Not everyone understands that there are limits to which actors’ likenesses can be used. All of the major characters are accounted for in the master license, except for Madge Blake’s Aunt Harriet and Neil Hamilton’s Commissioner Gordon. Unless something changes — and at this point I don’t see it happening — you’ll have to do without.



7. But guess which unavailable characters were requested the most? Clock King and False Face. Clock King was more popular than I anticipated. But also mentioned multiple times were, in rough order, Marsha Queen of Diamonds (and her aunt, in one case!); Jill St. John Robin; Minstrel, Archer, John Astin Riddler, Ma Parker, Chandell. Green Hornet and Kato would be very popular too. Maybe NJ Croce should work out a deal with Factory Entertainment


8. But False Face presents an intriguing idea. Since False Face routinely wears a translucent mask, we don’t see actor Malachi Throne’s face. I wonder whether this might present a loophole in the license. The Throne estate owns the actor’s likeness but I cannot imagine they have a claim to the character’s appearance. Since FF is such a cult figure in Batcircles, some enterprising merchandiser might be able to do something with this…

9. Personally, I’d like Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. I think a killer box set would be Wayne, Grayson, Alfred and Barbara Gordon — with a variant of some sort: Maybe Pink Cowl Batman?


10. A decent number of people requested Chief O’Hara. To me, it’s weird having him without Commissioner Gordon. It’s like having a Robin figure without Batman. I really do wonder why Hamilton’s estate is not involved.

11. Vehicles: A Batmobile scaled to the regular-size heroes. A Batcycle too.



12. One reader’s suggestion: “As a ‘box set’ kind of collector, I’d like to see a set of figurines made up of characters that are available only on single cards at the moment. As a bonus (i.e.: to annoy collectors), maybe include a new character like Bookworm or King Tut.” Those card-only characters are Riddler and Batgirl, for those keeping score…



13. An idea I whole-heartedly endorse: “Two-pack of henchmen with different (outfits) reflecting the major villain. Just a thought.” I am so down with this because the likenesses don’t matter. You could have a GOON and a Catwoman henchman. So cool.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My vote’s for John Astin’s Riddler. Although, there is NO question, Gorshin is the man and has such a soft spot for me. But seeing Astin as the Riddler really put me at odds. I loved John Astin! I mean, he was Gomez Addams. But he just couldn’t take over Gorshin’s role! Anyway, those were my tormented thoughts as a kid. How cool would it be to see a figure of his take on it? Let’s do it!

    As for Bookworm and False Face – – there’s so much potential there for a Bookworm figure. He had that cool wrap around lamp extension on his hat. I mean, just the aesthetic quality of that alone, c’mon on! Nelson Riddle wrote that cool harpsichord thing theme for him (which I think they recycled later on, not sure), and plus, I love Roddy McDowall.

    False Face was great for so many reasons you stated better in your blog than I can, but again, he has a great theme. Cool little sixteenth note triplet turn Riddle gave Malachi Throne. Very ominous, mysterious. And it, I believe, was never used again. Shame to throw it away just the once. I still sing it today when something magically perplexing arises in life. I know. I know,…. you can’t base a doll on his music but that’s what it was all about with me. Or a big part of.

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  2. When I was a child, I knew the Puzzler appeared in the show but I didn’t see his appearance. I always though that Astin was playing the Puzzler (even more so as I had a card game where the Riddler was called the Puzzler). I was too young to recall the character’s name in the Astin episode so for years it made sense.

    Thanks for the clarification about box sets (and using my comment), I figured there’d be more than just Batgirl and Riddler on single cards.

    Interesting that Hamilton isn’t part of the agreement, I wonder what happened there?

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  3. I want to see a version of Liberace as Chandell. One of the highest rating episodes in the history of the show and it would be great to see something a little different as well. Been a fan of Liberace since I was a kid and I still love watching the two episodes now.

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  4. The Liberace Fans club I admin for on facebook would love to see Chandell.

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  5. It really sucks not having a Neil Hamilton Gordon.

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    • It’s Because The Family doesn’t Want His Likeness and Not Only We’re Not Seeing Any Announcements by FTC Figures Toy Company Being Made about Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton’s) 8 Inch Mego Likeness, But also The New Batman Movie : The Animated Series that (Adam West), (Burt Ward), & (Julie Newmar), Using Their Own Voices for Their Roles as Batman, Robin, & The Catwoman. & Now Gordon (Neil Hamilton’s) Looks in The Animation’s is Off by Animators Adding Eyeglasses & a Mustache for Which it’s Almost like He Never Existed.

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  6. Loved seeing the Adam West Batman figures. So sad that hes gone now but its nice going down memory lane. My brother and I used to play with his Batman figure along with the Riddler when we were younger. Thanks for posting.

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