13 QUICK THOUGHTS: That Spideriffic Final CIVIL WAR Trailer



1. This one’s really all about Spidey, isn’t it.



2. I love the mask. Love it. Finally, a live -action Romita mask. My favorite.



3. Here’s the funny thing. The original, classic red-and-blue Spider-Man outfit remains one of the maybe five greatest designs ever. But to distinguish themselves from the Tobey Maguire movies, they keep changing it for the screen. I don’t mind these newer versions per se, but the original is still the best and they should just stick with it. Viewers don’t need a visual cue like that to tell you this is a different Spider-Man.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.55.23 PM


4. Then again, more toys to sell! (Though, this one’s still the best.)



5. OK, let’s go back to the mask. Deadpool will be credited for doing the whole “reacting mask” thing (or maybe Rorschach, depending on your perspective) but here it looks so, so cool. I mean, it’s such a sop to the comics because as you know, that’s impossible in Real Life. But it’s so much fun to see. Here, let’s look at it again:



6. It kind of makes me want to watch some of these tonight:


7. Speaking of,¬†I’d still rather hear a Spidey with a deeper timbre to his voice. I know he’s gonna be younger, blah, blah, blah. But Spidey still sounds like this to me:


8. Besides Spidey: So now we’re faced with two movies about superheroes clobbering the hell out of each other, which remains one of the dumbest ideas comics has ever come up with. Beyond the usual suspension of disbelief superheroes require, the idea that otherwise rational do-gooders would resort to settling their differences¬†by pounding each other into oblivion is pretty absurd.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.56.26 PM


9. But then nobody wants to see a movie called Captain America: The UN Diplomatic Negotiations. Or Batman v. Superman: A Bipartisan Sub-Committee.

10. OK, though. We’re led to believe that this whole conflict is predicated on disagreements over a superhero-registration act, as in the comics. But why do I get the feeling this will devolve into a “Bucky-killed-Rhodey-and-you-took-Bucky’s-side” melodrama? Mind you, I have no idea whether Winter Soldier kills War Machine but this trailer certainly implies that it’s possible.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.56.50 PM


11. Every time I do one of these movie or TV things, someone accuses me of being either pro-Marvel or anti-Marvel or pro-DC or anti-DC. For the record, I’m a DC guy at heart but I think Marvel is streets ahead in the movie biz. I think that’s pretty obvious to most rational observers.

12. Which is my way of saying while both Civil War and Batman v. Superman have similarly contrived premises, I have far more faith that Civil War will be the superior movie.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 5.58.01 PM


13. But it’s no wonder people loved Deadpool. He seems to be the only one in a costume — other than Spidey — who appears to be enjoying himself these days.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. ” The original, classic red-and-blue Spider-Man outfit remains one of the maybe five greatest designs ever.”…

    I’ve long said this. I love that they’re doing closer to the real costume. I never liked the raised webbing of the Raimi iteration.
    It is, in my opinion, the most perfect superhero costume ever created. Perfectly highlights and accentuates every move and pose that can be done. And the Romita eyes!

    As far as the timbre of his voice and the cartoon I agree. Would like it to be more of a man’s voice. Boy or not.

    *interesting fact: Did you know that the voice of Spider-Man in the ’66 cartoon (and the Incredible Hulk from that period) was Paul Soles who also did the voice of Hermie the Elf from Rudolph? “I want to be a dentist.” He was also the pizza shop owner guy in the Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. It’s just one of many little touches Norton had put in there that I really appreciate and made me like him all the more. And still kind of wish he was the Hulk. But, oh well.

    There’s your needless, pointless trivia for the day.

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