13 Quick Thoughts on the STAR WARS VII Trailer

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1. I want a soccer ball droid.

2. The Stormtroopers aren’t clones of Jango Fett anymore. And I have a hunch they are no longer “Stormtroopers.”

3. Cute girl on a land speeder.

4. J.J. Abrams couldn’t wait to give us some Millennium Falcon lens flare!

5. Oh, I felt it alright.

6. I want a three-pronged light saber.

7. It was all fiery, wasn’t it.

8. Whoever that Sith is in the woods, they’re pretty slim, aren’t they? LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN!

9. I wanted Luke.

1o. What, no “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away”?? ABRAMS, you’re doing it wrong!!

11. The effects were seamless.

12. I wanted Leia and Han.

13. Did I tell you I wanted a soccer ball droid?




Author: Dan Greenfield

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