Spoiler: The first one was better …


1. For the second trailer in a row, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is the best part. I really, really hope that pays off.


2. I never, not once, ever thought of Batman as a xenophobe and I’m really hoping this is a passing thing for the trailer crowd. Sure, you can be wary about the notion of absolute power corrupting absolutely, but  the way Bruce spat out the word “alien” was disconcerting.

3. I wonder about the overall appeal of this movie for mainstream audiences. A friend of mine who enjoys superhero movies and shows but is otherwise a “civilian” texted me: “What is this Batman vs. Superman thing? It is like God vs. Jesus.” She may be one person but I have a hunch that there will be a lot of people like her.

4. Civil War will succeed because the Marvel folks have been building toward it. That contrived conflict will at least feel organic and might intrigue general audiences who can bet on being entertained by a franchise that consistently rewards them. Batman vs. Superman may play more to die-hards and “Who Would Win …” types.

5. Still, it’ll be a hit unless reviews are savage.

6. Reviews better not be savage because the entire future of Warner Brothers’ cinematic universe is riding on this.


7. Man, I gotta ask: Is it the water? Marvel/Disney is killing DC/WB in the quality TV department, too. I watched the first half of The Flash/Arrow crossover last night. I usually like The Flash a lot but after finishing Jessica Jones, it just felt thin and childish. I hope Marvel/Netflix isn’t ruining DC TV for me.

8. If I sound a little annoyed, it’s because I am. I really enjoyed the first trailer but this one just felt clunky and a little stupid. Another Jessica Jones comparison: That show was grim and violent in the best way. This seems grim and violent in, well, not such a good way.

9. And Doomsday looks terrible. I mean, he’s only a step up from King Shark on “The Flash.”


10. And I just know I’m going to hate Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. Not love to hate him. Hate him. Ew.

11. Did I mention that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman saved the trailer?

12. Clark Kent’s not much of a reporter if he doesn’t know who Bruce Wayne is in this universe. Even if he’s “new.”

13. Sigh. Maybe I just need some coffee.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. You can’t compare FLASH to JESSICA JONES in that they are completely different tones of storytelling and the audiene for one is much more general than the other. I can show a kid FLASH but I can’t do the same with JESSICA JONES.

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  2. I agree with Jason – there should be room for both, as long as they’re done well. My biggest issue with this trailer is the tone is all over the place. Super serious for the most part and then they try to land on a lighter moment – “is she with you?” – which is the type of interaction you’d get between two of the Avengers but seems out of character here.

    And Eisenberg is so annoying here that it’s hard to imagine feeling any different when the actual movie is released.

    My main issue as someone who grew up with these characters but stopped following their exploits ages ago, is I like them better as partners, not as adversaries. Different approaches, but mutual respect – the Timm cartoons did that really well.

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  3. A lot of the concerns you shared are legitimate and being echoed at the water cooler here at work. So much was revealed in the trailer I’m just hoping there’s enough room for surprises because you get the entire plot spilled out. Trailers are supposed to get you hyped, but this one managed to curb my enthusiasm a tad bit and lower my expectations.

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  4. Did anyone notice the white hair on the top of doomsdays it which I’m sure will grow

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  5. I totally disagree with you on doomsday I think he looks amazing and probably will evolve. In the comment about not being able to tell who Bruce Wayne is. Why would you make a comment like that ?That’s just plain silly.

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  6. lol
    this movie is going to be amazing,not like Civil War or any Marvel movies

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  7. I’ve enjoyed Jessica Jones and the first season of Daredevil. Brilliantly done but very dark and violent, however. The Flash started getting darker later in it’s first season with the Dr. Wells/Eobard Thanwe storyline, but not nearly as violent. But the character development and issues they have to deal with feel real despite all the metahuman adventures.

    The Flash is currently my favorite TV show bar none. And as a Flash fan since 1966, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the easter eggs and the comics’ mythos references throughout the series. They have done their homework.

    I do look forward to BvS as well; at least they are going to deal with some sociolpolitcal issues which seems like it will give it some gravitas. Hard to judge sometimes from trailers but I am psyched although I hope Zack Synder reigns in the effects sequences a bit; the went on a bit too long in Man of Steel.

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  8. I also wanted to agree with Jason about having both styles of storytelling. I loved the grim nature of Daredevil, but I can really appreciate the fun of the Flash. I was also a bit dismayed in Daredevil when they killed off Ben Urich as he was one of my favorite characters in the comic as well as the series.

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  9. your first 12 comments are spot on!

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  10. My replies to the author’s points in order:

    01. Gal Godot is miscast. Her terrible Xena ripoff doesn’t help either. Just skip this crap.

    02. Not to mention completely lame.

    03. Well, yeah.

    04. Civil War will succeed for *many* reasons.

    05. It will open at # 1 at the domestic box office then drop like stone.

    06. All the more reason why this should and will bomb at the domestic box office.

    07. You comparing Disney/MARVEL/Netflix-tv to WB/DC/CW-tv is like comparing apples to battery acid. Completely unfair. If you must compare, compare Disney/MARVEL/ABC-tv to WB/DC/CW-tv and you will find that Agents of Shield for the crap it is against the mediocre don’t-call-him-Green Arrow and the very fine Flash.

    08. Both trailers for MoS 2 suck. This one just sucks more. Just skip this crap.

    09. Doomsday’s design is the least of the issues. It’s bs. Lex Luthor is *not* Victor Frankenstein.

    10. I knew that Jesse Eisenburg was miscast as Lex Luthor. I just didn’t know *how* miscast.

    11. Did I mention that Gal Gadot is miscast and her costume is a terrible Xena rip-off ? Just skip this crap and watch it bomb already.

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