13 QUICK THOUGHTS on THE FLASH’s First Season (and Finale!)

So much to think about this summer! BEWARE THE SPOILERS!


1. This was an excellent season capped off by an excellent, exciting finale. We got some great emotional scenes with Barry that didn’t feel maudlin and I think Grant Gustin really sold the scene where he let Barry‘s mom die.

2. I think Iris, whom I could barely tolerate at the beginning of the season, has become more charming. Nevertheless, I still think we haven’t been given enough reason to understand why Barry and Eddie are so ga-ga over her, other than her being a (very) pretty face.

3. Because I still say Caitlin has so much more going on. And she can do better than Ronnie Raymond.

Killer Frost! Don't stay bad, Caitlin!

Killer Frost! Don’t stay bad, Caitlin!

4. Jesse L. Martin has been an underrated member of the cast. He’s terrific.

5. Eureka! Excelsior! I love Victor Garber — and he was so much more fun this time around than he was during his first go-around on the show.

6. A friend has this theory about how Tom Cavanagh comes back next season: “Season 2 opens with Barry closing the wormhole but not before he’s sucked to Earth-2.¬†And that’s where the “new” Harrison Wells is from. He helps Barry get back to his own reality and comes along for the ride, maybe by accident.” Sounds good to me.


7. This wormhole/Multiverse business will be the best explanation for a Supergirl/Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow crossover. Because there’s no way Superman exists yet in the Flash/Arrowverse.

8. Speaking of Legends of Tomorrow (terrible name), I didn’t get the chance to write about the trailer when it came out but, man, I loved it. There was some hokiness but it is so exciting how DC TV has embraced the source material. I mean, there’s a reason these characters and stories have endured for more than 75 years. It’s because there’s so much great stuff. If only DC Movies understood that this is the way to go instead of trying to shoehorn contrived darkness into the cinematic universe.

9. I think Reverse-Flash will most definitely be back (not necessarily as next season’s main villain) — and I think it’s going to be Eddie.

10. You know who would make a good Jay Garrick? Bruce Greenwood would make a good Jay Garrick. Assuming Jay Garrick is an older Jay Garrick.


11. You know — you just know — that they are going to replicate this scene — and I hope it’s the one that gives us the first look at Earth-2 Flash during the show (after the inevitable leaked set pix).


12. My biggest concern with Season 2 is that they will overdo it with alternate timelines and the Multiverse. Both are wonderful concepts but they can be abused as storytelling devices. Rebooting timelines with abandon can undercut dramatic scenes because you start losing faith that any important death or reveal has permanence. This is a show that has done a great job of balancing the real with the fanciful. Go too far in either direction and it could fall apart quickly.

Don't be sad, Barry. You'll be back.

Don’t be sad, Barry. You’ll be back.

13. Y’know, what? The world of Gotham could be part of this Multiverse … as well as TNT’s Titans, should that actually happen.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. For #2, I don’t think there need to be an explanation for why some one loves another. People connect like that and we always don’t know why. Answer for #7. CBS actually owns the CW(or they are owned by the same parent company) so they could actually exist in the same Universe.

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  2. Of all the things this opens up, I would love for this Flash to teamup with the John Wesley Shipp as 90s Flash. I don’t care how it’s done but I want to see it AND with the proper 90s theme playing in the bakground while he does his thing.

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