Including the red-band trailer!


1. God bless dumb humor.

2. I think I’ve read one Deadpool comic in my life. I’m not anti-Deadpool. It just, I dunno …

3. Speaking of, this trailer made me want to see the movie but it didn’t make me want to rush out to buy the comic.

4. I smiled throughout and laughed at least four times.

5. Especially at the Green Lantern gag. But, dang, why’d they have to force it down our throats at the end?! If you have to explain a joke …


6. Colossus!

7. My son, Sam, asked me if this has a chance to revive Ryan Reynolds’  career. I responded: “Or derail it for good.” But this glimpse makes me think he’s back on track.

8. The red-band trailer made me laugh even harder. Check it out if you haven’t yet:

9. Leslie Uggams has a potty mouth.

10. “Like a testicle with teeth.”

11. Sam is betting that the Stan Lee cameo in this one will be all about Deadpool recognizing it’s Stan Lee. And that would be rad.

12. Now that I think about it, anybody got a Deadpool book they can recommend?

13. “Uaaaah. I’m touching myself tonight.”

Author: Dan Greenfield

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